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The Antique Wine Company

In the world of wine merchants, there is one name that stands out above the rest, The Antique Wine Company. This wine merchant has been supplying restaurants and hotels with the most high quality wines that could one day be antiques. For those who are looking to invest in wine instead of just buy it, this is a great merchant to go to. Since 1982, founder Steven Williams has been bringing the greatest wines to individuals and companies all over the world. Steven Williams has created a company that well known world wide for their excellent taste in wine. This company now has over 20,000 clients in 70 countries. It is easy to see why this merchant company has become one of the most well known companies when it comes to wine. This company has over 10,000 bottles of wine in it’s collection right now to choose from.

In 2011 The Antique Wine Company broke a world record for selling the most expensive bottle of wine ever. This bottle of wine was sold for 75,000 British Pounds. This bottle of wine was from 1811, and it is easy to see why this bottle sold for so much. The Antique Wine Company prides themselves on being experts in the world of vintage wines.

With impressive headquarters in Central London, many clients travel from all over the world to choose the very best wines. There are also two offices in Asia. Focusing on great customer relationships, The Antique Wine Company has a unique position in the world of international wine merchants. The long standing brand, and customer loyalty, plays into a large part of the success of The AWC. There are may companies around the world that trust and prefer to use this company as their wine supplier.

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