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FCC and Net Neutrality

The FCC is set to pass a net neutrality law which allows the government to regulate certain aspects of the Internet. Now, there has been much said regarding net neutrality, so it can be a bit difficult to understand. These are some of what is going to occur and what someone should know regarding the passing of the bill.

As of right now, specific rules for net neutrality has not been released and these will not be released for weeks. In fact, the FCC is going to decide upon these rules behind closed doors and then announce them. Of course, if a Republican candidate wins the presidential election next year, all of this is likely to be removed anyways, so it is important to keep everything with a grain of salt said Marc Sparks.

Net neutrality means Internet service providers are not allowed to charge more to companies that require more bandwidth (such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others). It basically is going to put in place potential price controls over the Internet connection and require a specific speed minimum. The majority of the anti-FCC regulation companies are all the Internet service providers, such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. Ultimately though, while the FCC Net Neutrality is likely to pass, there is very little that is actually known about what kinds of changes, if any, it is going to implement. For now though it is the same Internet as usual.

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