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AccuraScope: the Procedure of the Future

Spinal surgery is often a long, invasive and painful procedure. Unfortunately, many patients who suffer from chronic back pain experience no relief following invasive traditional procedures. For this reason, North American Spine has developed the AccuraScope procedure. This is a minimally invasive spine surgery which shows exciting results for sufferers.

To date, the AccuraScope procedure has treated over 8,000 patients. North American Spine of Dallas has proven that their system is not only cheaper and easier to recover from, but it is also more effective. An average of 85% of patients reporting no change following a traditional procedure have experienced relief following the AccuraScope procedure. This phenomenal level of success has also lead 95% of patients to state that they would recommend North American Spine to their friends.

This procedure is more than just a way to relieve pain, it is also a way to help people achieve their dreams. Recently, North American Spine treated James Phillips. James Phillips suffers from cerebral palsy, a disease which decreases muscle coordination. James has had a dream of being a bull rider, but given his disability he has had no way of being able to pursue this. Recently, James underwent the AccuraScope procedure. Following a 30 minute operation, which North American Spine performed for free, a single stitch was placed. James now looks forward to his dream of being bull rider.

North American Spine prides itself on helping to pinpoint the exact cause of discomfort and remove it. This is done making a very small incision and inserting a camera to pinpoint the exact area of trouble. The incision is so small that most patients don’t even experience scarring. The AccuraScope procedure can be used to treat bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, annular tears, arthritis, scar tissue and many other symptoms. This ground breaking procedure offers a better quality of life to chronic suffers. The added bonus being that recovery time is relatively quick.

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